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Our Procedures

We are the best treating in Sl

We are the best treating in Sleep Study in Trichy. It will be useful to find out the cause for sleep disorder like obstructive sleep apnoea. Specialist in Pulmonology Chest Physician Lung Care

We are the best in treating Tr

We are the best in treating Tracheostomy in Trichy. It is the procedure by which a hole was made in the trachea (airway) to promote the clearence of airways and in the need of lung term ventilatory support.

We are the best in treating Ri

We are the best in treating Rigid Bronchoscopy in Trichy. Mainly useful in removal of foreign bodies from the lumen of airway.

Bullectomy is the surgical rem

Bullectomy is the surgical removal of a bulla, which is a dilated air space in the lung parenchyma measuring more than 1 cm. The term giant bulla is used if the bulla occupies more than 30% of the hemithorax. The most common cause of lung bulla is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Airway Stenting is the stentin

Airway Stenting is the stenting process by which, the patency of airway is maintained which was compromised mostly by tumour.

Wedge Resection is the process

Wedge Resection is the process of Removal of lung parenchyma which is having the pathology as a wedge in certain special conditions.

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